Plenty of Great Arts to Enjoy in Maine

When choosing the perfect location for your new home, it is nice to have a combination of the beautiful outdoor landscapes of the country and the cultural arts of the city. Buying a property in Thompson Lake, Maine, will satisfy all of your needs. In addition to the lovely features of Mother Nature, Maine offers… Read more »

Spring has Sprung on Thompson Lake

There’s nothing quite as invigorating as these first days of sunshine in Maine. The townsfolk are out and about in varying degrees of blissful shock, making the most of the warm weather and reigniting passions for the outdoors. Each year we’re treated to this sudden, dramatic reminder of how beautiful the place we call home… Read more »

Ice Fishermen Make the Most of Maine’s Extended Freeze

Snowmobilers aren’t the only ones enjoying this year’s especially chilly weather; out on the frozen surface of Thompson Lake, the ice fishermen are hoping to snag one final catch before the season’s end. Typically, ice fishing season ends at the end of March, but the lingering winter weather has afforded these intrepid sportsmen a few… Read more »

The Common Loons Love Thompson Lake – And You Will, Too!

  One of the most prominent reasons that people choose to vacation in Maine is the fact that there are so many gorgeous lakes and waterfronts to enjoy. Thompson Lake in particular has always seemed to uphold a superior reputation for tranquility, quietness and cleanliness. It’s because of this that it has become such a… Read more »