Snowmobilers Feel Right as Rain in Maine

Here on Thompson Lake, many of us have had just about enough of the winter. Pretty as the snow is, we can’t wait to get outside and soak up that sweet springtime sunshine. March has finally arrived, and that means warm weather is just around the corner. Before we get there though, Thompson Lake’s most devoted snow lovers will be making the most of what’s left of the winter.


Snowmobiling is, unsurprisingly, a big deal in Maine. On any given day during the winter, you might catch a glimpse of a group of riders zipping gracefully behind a tree line on their motorized sleds. Naturally, this especially snowy season has been remarkably well received by this eccentric group of winter sportsmen.


Pete Ford, a member of the Bog Hooters Snowmobile Club of Mechanic Falls summed up with general sentiment of the local snowmobilers in a recent interview with a local news station. “We’re fired up!” Ford said in regard to the record-setting snowfalls of 2015.


The Bog Hooters Snowmobile club is comprised of a small group of enthusiastic volunteers who maintain 25 miles of trails in the Mechanic Falls area. In total, there are over fourteen thousand miles of snowmobile trails, most of which are maintained by fewer than two thousand volunteers. A true labor of love.


Before long, the snow will be melting and the loons will be singing out on Thompson Lake. Until then, our snowmobiling citizens will be taking advantage of what’s left of the season while the rest of us stay warm and comfortable inside by the heat of our wood stoves.


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Written by Terry Hewitt

One of the areas top realtors and started her career in 1996. Member of the National Association of Realtors, Maine Association of Realtors, and am a licensed broker.