5 Reasons to Make Maine Your Home

It’s a familiar story – one we hear retold over and over again around Thompson Lake.


John and Mary take a trip to Maine one summer to do some fishing and camping. During their vacation, they meet a friendly native who shows them around town and fixes them up the best seafood from a shack they’ve ever encountered. They spend the remainder of the afternoon picking fresh blueberries and admiring a breathtaking sunset across the water. It’s then that John and Mary feel it. An ineffable twinge in the chest that tells them this is home. Ten years later, relaxing in a little cottage on Thompson Lake, they’ve never looked back.


Life in Maine


It doesn’t take much to make residents out of freshly minted Maine initiates. Today we’ll look at a few of the best reasons to make Maine your new home.


Great Public Education


If you’re thinking about starting a family, Maine is a great place to raise well-educated kiddos. Maine is consistently ranked as one of the top 10 states with the best public education systems in the country.


The Right Kind of Wildlife


Maine is home to all sorts of fascinating creatures such as loons, tree frogs, and of course moose. Poisonous spiders, however, are conspicuously absent. This might be an added bonus for parents raising particularly adventurous little Maineiacs.


Winter Recreation


Some people might count the snowy winter as a mark against Maine, but natives know that the winter is part of Maine’s charm. After all, not every state is home to more than 10 first class alpine ski resorts.


Small Town Atmosphere


Even in Portland, the largest city in Maine, you’ll find down to earth folks who heat their homes with wood stoves and spend their weekends ice fishing on the lake. Maine has a truly unique personality characterized by a consistently kind demographic of nature lovers and sportsmen. Each town has its own claim to fame, and any local can tell you why their town is the best.


Berry Season


A favorite time of year for many Maine natives, berry season can rightly be called the sweetest time of year. There is simply no comparing grocery store strawberries to the fresh variety picked straight from the fields. Oh, and did we mention the apple orchards? We have plenty of those as well.


It’s not hard to find a reason to come to Maine, but you might have a hard time finding a reason to leave. According to a recent Gallup poll, Maine has the lowest percentage of residents who want to leave of any state in the Union. Give me a call today, and find out why so many folks wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.



Written by Terry Hewitt

One of the areas top realtors and started her career in 1996. Member of the National Association of Realtors, Maine Association of Realtors, and am a licensed broker.