The Common Loons Love Thompson Lake – And You Will, Too!

Common Loons Love Thompson Lake, Maine | Terry Hewitt Inc.


One of the most prominent reasons that people choose to vacation in Maine is the fact that there are so many gorgeous lakes and waterfronts to enjoy. Thompson Lake in particular has always seemed to uphold a superior reputation for tranquility, quietness and cleanliness. It’s because of this that it has become such a popular resting place, not only for vacationers, but for Common Loons as well.


Even those who aren’t familiar with this particular species have probably heard their eerie yet beautiful calls on the lake. If you haven’t actually seen one however, the Common Loon is a gorgeous diving waterbird with a color pattern that changes based on the season. By the time they migrate to the Thompson Lake waters in the springtime – usually in April or early May – they will sport black heads and bills, as well as a white stomach and black-and-white spotted backs. As they begin to leave the area around late October/early November in search for warmer weather however, Loons will instead have white throats and plain gray backs and heads.


Many people wonder what is it that has over twenty pairs of Common Loons flocking to various coves around Thompson Lake. Unsurprisingly, the answer is not much different from what brings vacationers: the clean, fresh water and a chance to do some fishing.


By nature, Common Loons are incomparable when it comes to indicating water quality. Much of this stems from their need to inhabit crystal-clear water to better see their prey under water. Ranked as one of Maine’s top ten best bodies of water in for quality and purity, Thompson Lake is spring-fed by the Poland Spring Aquifer, which is the most unspoiled in the state. Additionally, since Common Loons require quiet, secluded freshwater lakes to do their breeding, this makes for the ideal summer habitat for a Loon. While you can admire their beauty from afar, keep in mind that these waterbirds prefer not to be disturbed by humans.


The Common Loon shouldn’t be the only one enjoying the benefits of this quiet and extraordinary lake, however. As we prepare for summer to come to an end soon, book your trip and get a glimpse of these beautiful waterbirds before they leave for the coast. There are a number of Thompson Lake vacation and waterfront homes available. Simply contact Terry Hewitt Inc. today to find the right one for you.


Written by Terry Hewitt

One of the areas top realtors and started her career in 1996. Member of the National Association of Realtors, Maine Association of Realtors, and am a licensed broker.