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Mild Winter Doesn’t Slow Ice Fishing on Thompson Lake

As the hot sun forced its rays onto icy lakes during this past winter, many lakes developed problems with thin ice, putting annual ice fishing on hold. Many of the lakes in the region, including nearby Sebago Lake, weren’t able to form sufficient ice thickness amid the mild winter’s temperatures, forcing fisherman to rethink weekend […]

Ice Fishermen Make the Most of Maine’s Extended Freeze

Ice Fishermen Make the Most of Maine’s Extended Freeze

Snowmobilers aren’t the only ones enjoying this year’s especially chilly weather; out on the frozen surface of Thompson Lake, the ice fishermen are hoping to snag one final catch before the season’s end. Typically, ice fishing season ends at the end of March, but the lingering winter weather has afforded these intrepid sportsmen a few […]

Ice Fishing and Safety on Thompson Lake

  Not even a thick layer of ice over Thompson Lake can keep the locals away from its productive waters. Every winter, scores of experienced and fishing enthusiasts brave the cold temperatures to enjoy the relaxing and cathartic experience of Maine ice fishing. Check out the video below for a taste of the Thompson Lake […]