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‘Tis the Season for Skiing

Skiing in Maine

Selecting a home in the heart of winter country has its benefits. If you are a lover of the outdoors, there is nothing quite as beautiful as a snow-covered piece of land. When choosing a home near Thompson Lake, Tripp Lake or the Range Ponds, you will have the added luxury of being near several […]

Snowmobilers Feel Right as Rain in Maine

Snowmobile Maine

Here on Thompson Lake, many of us have had just about enough of the winter. Pretty as the snow is, we can’t wait to get outside and soak up that sweet springtime sunshine. March has finally arrived, and that means warm weather is just around the corner. Before we get there though, Thompson Lake’s most […]

Upcoming Winter Events near Thompson Lake


Here on Thompson Lake, we’re not about to let a little cold weather keep us from enjoying ourselves this winter. On the contrary, we’ve been looking forward to these special, snowy months. With all the events and activities happening in the area this time of year, can you really blame us? After all, not every […]