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Five Facts About Thompson Lake

Five Facts About Thompson Lake

Thompson Lake, located just a one-hour drive northwest of Portland in Maine, is the largest of the 33 lakes in the area that have been popular tourist attractions for many years. This beautiful area is home to many natural wonders and some of the most attractive and desirable real estate in the region. In honor […]

Spring has Sprung on Thompson Lake

Spring has Sprung on Thompson Lake

There’s nothing quite as invigorating as these first days of sunshine in Maine. The townsfolk are out and about in varying degrees of blissful shock, making the most of the warm weather and reigniting passions for the outdoors. Each year we’re treated to this sudden, dramatic reminder of how beautiful the place we call home […]

5 Reasons to Make Maine Your Home

It’s a familiar story – one we hear retold over and over again around Thompson Lake.   John and Mary take a trip to Maine one summer to do some fishing and camping. During their vacation, they meet a friendly native who shows them around town and fixes them up the best seafood from a […]

Upcoming Winter Events near Thompson Lake


Here on Thompson Lake, we’re not about to let a little cold weather keep us from enjoying ourselves this winter. On the contrary, we’ve been looking forward to these special, snowy months. With all the events and activities happening in the area this time of year, can you really blame us? After all, not every […]

The Common Loons Love Thompson Lake – And You Will, Too!

  One of the most prominent reasons that people choose to vacation in Maine is the fact that there are so many gorgeous lakes and waterfronts to enjoy. Thompson Lake in particular has always seemed to uphold a superior reputation for tranquility, quietness and cleanliness. It’s because of this that it has become such a […]

Fishing on Thompson Lake

  One of the perks of living on Thompson Lake is having access to great fishing all year round. In fact, Thompson Lake has been recognized as having some of the very best fishing in Southern Maine. Spring-fed by the Poland Spring Aquifer, Thompson Lake has some of the cleanest and clearest water you can […]

Thompson Lake: How Living on the Water Can Change Your Life

  People are naturally attracted to water, while our health and the health of our planet rely so heavily upon it. It makes sense that more and more people are opting to move closer to it. A home on Thompson Lake provides an ideal waterside experience that can be enjoyed by new residents of any […]